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TellHappyStar is a customer satisfaction survey platform that allows customers of the fast-food chain Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., also known as Happy Star, to provide feedback on their dining experience. The survey is conducted online and is available in both English and Spanish.

Have you ever heard about Hardee, Carl Jr.’s Tellhappystar survey? If yes, here is some good news for you. The guide will help you in knowing in detail about the online survey of one of the best food systems i.e. Hardee’s Food System.

Hardee’s Food System Inc. is one of the leading food chain systems in the USA. The platform is well known for its quiet quality services and affordable pricing. Do you know what is the best thing an entrepreneur could do to explore his/her business more?

Well, it’s knowing the feedback and suggestions of the customers. Taking all of these things into consideration, Hardee’s Food System Inc. has launched a survey. It is a customer feedback and statistics survey that offers certain offers and rewards to the customers in response to getting part in the online survey. One can easily get about a $1000 gift card or voucher after taking part in this survey.

So, if you recently have been there in the Hardee restaurant chain you can leave your feedback on its official website effortlessly. For enabling the same successfully. You have to leave your order code along with the feedback on the official website of this survey and can win gifts.

Tellhappystar Survey

Tellhappystar Survey

The reviews got through this wonderful survey are being used to add modifications to the services and food provided and that makes it quite convenient for the food chain option for improvising their services. It is the best platform that customers can use for rating restaurants and for getting gifts and discount offers on their next visit.

This Tellhappystar survey is the key to keeping the previous customers happy and satisfied and grabbing the attention of more and more customers towards it. It is a reciprocal service program that serves to be quite helpful for both parties.

TellHappyStar – Take Official Survey

The survey is the perfect way to collect customer experiences with Hardee’s food quality and customer survey. The survey mainly focuses on the recent experiences of the customers with the supermarket chains. By participating in these surveys, customers can provide accurate and valuable feedback on their satisfaction and can share the details of their recent experiences. For initiating the survey you will be given 4 input fields where you have to fill in your transaction number, time, and date along with “Yes”  from the minimum age requirement drop-down menu.

Moreover, you also have to provide the details of the tickets as proof of the purchase for taking part in this survey. The valuable feedback and the opinions given in the survey help the business to grow more. It is the best way to improve the products and services of Hardee’s.

How to take part in Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey i.e. TellHappyStar Survey?

Are you interested in Hardee’s customer satisfaction survey? Are you looking forward to taking part in it but don’t know how to do it?

TellHappyStar – Take Official Survey

If yes, keep on reading this guide till the end to get absolute help. But before you start with the survey make sure that you have been at Hardee’s food chain prior and have kept the receipt safe. For taking part in this survey successfully, the things you have to do here are:

  • Go to the official website of Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey at
  • Select your preferred language from the options given above. By default, the survey is in the English language.
  • Once done with it, you now have to enter the agency number being imprinted on the receipt.
  • The next thing you have to do is to select the date and time of your visit on the preferable page followed by adding your age in the given field.
  • On the completion of the above process successfully, you have to tap on the “Start” button to initiate the search option.
  • You will now be asked to evaluate the satisfaction factors. Just make sure to give the answers to the questions about customer satisfaction very honestly.
  • Once you will be done with all of the queries given, you will land on the next page i.e. rewards page.
  • Make sure to comment on your service before making the final submission of the survey.
  • Once done successfully with the given survey, you will now receive a validation code that you can use in your next purchase to acquire benefits from a discount or other interesting offers.

Things to keep in mind

Before leading further with any product or service or even surrey, it is quite necessary to know about in detail. Here we are with one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind before you proceed further with the TellHappyStar Survey:

  • The TellHappyStar Survey offer can only be accessed on the participating Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. stores until they are prohibited.
  • One can take part in only one survey option with one receipt and one visit.
  • It is quite necessary to provide the receipt along with the validation code of the participating restaurants to avail of the unlimited benefits from the survey offer.
  • The offer cant is used along with some other offers, coupons, discounts, or other combinations.
  • The survey offer doesn’t include any kind of hash spins that are served during the regular breakfast hours and free tokens after regular breakfast hours.
  • Customers here review the privacy policy and terms of the Service Management Group who runs the survey offer. For availing of the same, you can make use of the link given on the TellHappyStar survey page.

Rules and Requirements

Hardee’s is one of the most popular casual dining restaurant chains that offers its absolute services throughout the United States. The survey is conducted for getting feedback from the customers. Here we are with the main rules and regulations that you need to follow for taking part in the TellHappyStar Survey.

  • TellHappyStar Survey is only applicable to conduct on the selected participating Hardee’s and Carl’s restaurants and stores.
  • For taking part in the survey, the participants need to be at least 18 years and older.
  • The survey is only meant for the residents of the United States.
  • Only one survey is allowed per receipt per visit.
  • One needs to have a valid receipt for purchase and an invitation code for taking part in the survey.
  • One can check on their free fire, the free regular price, or free small drinks while shopping for groceries from the related stores.
  • The offer is only applicable for 30 days once after the release of the receipt.
  • One needs to have an active internet connection and a mobile device or PC or Laptop for taking part in the survey.
  • The survey is available in different languages. One can easily opt for their preferred language as per their preferences.
  • The survey does not apply to the employees and their families of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s food chains.
  • The survey is not applicable for all those receipts that don’t include any survey invitation code.


TellHappyStar is one of the best survey options that are designed to provide absolute services for both Hardee’s food chain and the customers. The survey collects the feedback and the opinions of the customers who recently have visited the participating stores and offers users the chance of winning some interesting gifts or discounts on their next purchase. If you are eager to know the main pros of the TellHappyStar Survey, here are the leading ones for you.

  • It offers the company the best way to improve their services and add modifications as per the customer’s demand.
  • This survey serves to be a great help in building up a healthy relationship between the customers and the company.
  • The survey encourages the customers to visit Hardee’s chain of restaurants time and again as it offers them different gift offers and discounts.

What are the cons of the TellHappyStar Survey?

Everything has its pros and cons and so does the TellHappyStar Survey as well. The main cons of the TellHappyStar Survey are:

  • The majority of the customers don’t provide genuine feedback about the services.
  • One has to finish the survey in the given period only.

Different rewards that this survey can offer you

TellHappyStar Survey is a wonderful way to enable different benefits for both customers and the company. Here are the most wonderful rewards that you can avail of by taking part in this wonderful survey option.

  • The survey offers the guests the chance of winning a free sandwich that they can enjoy on their next visit to the participating restaurants.
  • To acquire the quote, one needs to visit Hardee’s restaurant and have to save the receipt, and then have to complete the survey successfully.
  • Total earnings made through the TellHappyStar Survey depend upon the gifts printed on your receipt. Customers here can win a free meal, a BOGO gift, and much more through this survey option.
  • A validation code is provided to the users after completing the Hardee customer survey that you can use for accessing the offer printed on the receipt on the next visit.
  • The survey offers users the chance of receiving a promo code for an exciting offer and meals during the main meal.

What are the most common questions asked in the customer survey option?

TellHappyStart Survey includes different questions related to the customer’s experience. It is the best way to know about the different suggestions, feedback, and opinions of the customers so that the company could further make improvements in their services accordingly. The most common questions asked in the TellHappyStar Survey are:

  • How much time does the team take to deliver the order?
  • Were the food prices included fair or not?
  • What are the accommodation possibilities of the restaurants you have visited or are having in your neighborhood?
  • How was the cleanliness and hygiene in the participating restaurant you visited?
  • How was the quality of the food served to you?
  • Was the quantity of the food included good enough as per the pricing?
  • How maturely were the employees handling the different scenarios and the customers in the restaurant?



Finally, it is all about the TellHappyStar Survey. The survey is a wonderful opportunity to get wonderful gift offers and discounts and the improvement of Hardee’s food chain. For taking part in the survey one should need to have the receipt of the recent visit to the restaurant along with the unique invitation code.

We have tried to include the different instructions, rules, requirements, and different other things related to the TellHappyStart survey in this guide so that you could get absolute information about the same.

The guide will further help you in obtaining additional rewards and gifts and will also help you in providing absolute feedback and opinions on Hardee’s Customer Experience Survey. If you still have any queries left with the survey, you are free to ask them in the comment section given below.


Q1: What do we need to do to take part in the customer satisfaction survey?

A1: Customer satisfaction is the best way to improve or upgrade the services of any business. It not only helps businesses in improving their services but is also a perfect way to know their customers deeply. It is the perfect way of measuring customer satisfaction with the company and also is quite helpful in occurring absolute customer loyalty and retention.

Q2: Who can conduct a customer satisfaction survey?

A2; Any company, consultants, executives, or customer service representatives who are eager to know about the responses of their customers in detail are free to conduct the related customer satisfaction surveys without any hassle.

Q3: Can we get the gift offers and discount offers by Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s in cash?

A3: No. The gifts or discount offers here in the TellHappyStar Survey can be redeemed through cash. Customers are only served with the gifts and discounts that they have got on their receipts.

Q4: What are the results that we might anticipate from the TellHappyStar Survey?

A4: Customers here are served with the unique coupon code once after the successful completion of the survey. This unique code can be easily used for earning a special promotion or discount on their next purchase.